CAF and CBANK holders control the ecosystem. The more CAF and CBANK you own, the greater your influence in the ecosystem:
The CAF token is a governance token. CAF holders will have access to participate in the Cairo Finance Network as an instant governance and DAO voting.
DAO governance decisions can range from allocating Treasury funds for a particular proposal to deploying a new protocol on the Cairo Finance ecosystem, and everything in between.
All participants in the DAO are working towards a common goal: Creating a decentralized infrastructure, owned and governed by the DAO.
Core - proposals posted by the Cairo Finance team. The results will be actioned.
Community - proposals posted by the Cairo Finance community. These are used to propose ideas and show the communities point of view. The team reviews every community vote and will often pick any great ideas and designs with strong community support up to the coming product releases and/or core voting proposal level.
To submit a proposal or participate in a vote, you must have at least $10CAF deposited in your wallet. (Funds will always stay there). The more $CAF you have, the bigger your voice.
Voting power is calculated based on a snapshot taken on the snapshot block. Therefore, purchasing or depositing more $CAF after the proposal is posted is not going to increase the voting power for that particular proposal.