Staking your tokens is a popular way to generate passive income in the crypto world. By holding and locking your CAIRO BANK tokens in the CAIRO BANK, you will earn juicy staking rewards. These rewards are paid out in the form of $CBANK or $USDT, providing a steady source of passive income over time. Token holders will have a significant impact on decision-making and the future direction!

...designed for steady growth

Tokens that are designed for steady growth are typically developed with a long-term perspective in mind. This approach often involves implementing strategies such as regular token burns, limiting the total supply of tokens and building a strong, dedicated community of supporters.

  • ยท Token Name: Cairo Bank Token

  • ยท Token Symbol: $CBANK

  • ยท Contract Address: 0x6e8ce91124d57c37556672f8889cb89af52a6746

  • ยท Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

  • ยท Max Supply: 3,600,000

  • ยท Buy/Sell (%): 5/10 (LP/LP)

How can you get CAIRO BANK tokens?

...you will able to buy your CAIRO BANK tokens on Pancakeswap.

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