CASH MACHINE is a high yield cashflow engine that earns up to 0.5% daily on USDT. Deposit USDT and immediately start earning yield insured by the Cairo Bank Vault. Cairo Cash Machine is double audited. Everyone has access to read the audit or the code. Once the contract is deployed it can't be changed by anyone for any reason, not even the developer himself has access to change or take anything out. No Owners, no Admin. Players can extend their earnings through team-based referrals.
Payout Structure Contract Balance: Depends on total Contract Balance of the USDT Pool, visible here: (PLACEHOLDER)
Standard: 0.30% Daily Payout Over 100,000 USDT 0.40% Daily Payout Over 500,000 USDT 0.50% Daily Payout
The Basics When a user deposits USDT tokens, they will earn daily returns of up to 0.5% for a maximum of 165% of their deposit amount. Upon reaching 165% returns, the user must make a new deposit if he doesn’t want to lose his Ref Structure. Cairo Cash Machine is backed by a liquid collateral pool of USDT and the Cairo Bank Vault. The USDT Pool keeps 30% of deposits. 55% of the deposits are sent to the Cairo Bank Vault where it will be exchanged to the deflationary CBANK token. The user can expedite reaching 165% by referring others, but it is not possible to earn more than 165%. 15% of the Deposits will go to the referrals. There is also no compounding function. Still you can can create a new account and enjoy advantages of compound interest.
Taxes Taxes reduce volatility and are used to support the protocol as follows: Deposit: 0% Withdraw: 10% (Ref Structure)
Claim When a user claims their accumulated rewards, the USDT Pool will be used to fund this in the first instance. If for any reason the USDT Pool is unable to pay the rewards, the Cairo Bank Vault will sell CBANK to cover the rewards.
Cairo Bank Vault How It Is Funded? PCS Buy and Sell Transaction Cairo Cash Machine Deposits Cairo DAO
Team Building Team building commission will be paid out in USDT. On Deposits: Lvl.1: 10.0% Lvl.2: 2% Lvl.3: 1% Lvl.4: 0.5% Lvl.5: 0.5% Lvl.6: 0.5% Lvl.7: 0.5%
On Withdraws: Lvl.1: 5% Lvl.2: 1% Lvl.3: 1% Lvl.4: 1% Lvl.5: 1% Lvl.6: 0.5% Lvl.7: 0.5%
Anti-Dump Mechanics The Anti Dump Mechanics was added “to not outpace other users in the game, forcing them to kick back some of their rewards to the community and maintain the sustainability of the project! Users will incur additional taxes based on what percent their deposit is compared to the total amount of USDT in the CASH MACHINE. For example, once a person’s deposit reaches 1% of the total CASH MACHINE USDT Pool, they will be charged an additional 5% (5%+10% so 15% total) in taxes on their withdraws. (Stays in the Contract) 1% -> 5% 2% -> 7.5% 3% -> 10% 4% -> 12.5% 5% -> 15% 6% -> 17.5% 7% -> 20% 8% -> 25% 9% -> 30% 10% -> 35%
About the contract sustainability and risk Disclaimer The Cairo Cash Machine is sustained by continued community support, just like every other crypto high-yield project. The difference is, the Cairo Cash Machine also has the steady growing Cairo Bank Vault to increase the sustainability. On the other hand, Cairo Finance generates revenue through different products and can top up the contract too. Use this at your own Risk, like every other DEFI protocol! This is true DEFI based on Smart Contracts. The Cash Machine functions as long as the Cbank Vault is able to settle its liabilities.
Where do yields come from, and how are they generated?
Yields are generated through the increase of $CBANK price. So this is basically working similarly to Futures or Options on $CBANK. Additionally, there is the steadily rising CBANK Vault, which has the potential to support sustainability.
About the contract security The CASH MACHINE contract is verified, open source, immutable, and trustless and is visible here on (PLACEHOLDER). The CASH MACHINE also passed successfully an audit from: (PLACEHOLDER). Everyone has access to read the audit or the code. Once the contract is deployed it can't be changed by anyone for any reason, not even the developer himself has access to change or take anything out.