Partnership Vaults

The CAF pool is the pool where you can stake your CAF tokens. The pool will be fill with 2,000,000 CAF tokens over with a 5 year lock period. The APR in the CAF Pool will fluctuate but depending on how many CAFs were staked to begin with. Later, there will be a top up function with up to 10,000,000 CAF token paid out for rewards.
You can choose between the different locking periods: Lock your CAF tokens for longer periods to increase share weight & rewards
Therefore, it's smart to accumulate and stake as much CAF tokens in order to maximize them.
The CAF-WBNB Pool is the Pool where you can provide liquidity in the form of CAF and WBNB (LP) and earn CAF tokens as the reward. The reward pool will be fill with 5,000,000 CAF tokens over a 2 year period. The APR will fluctuate and depends how much liquidity is provided. All you have to do is locking your LP-tokens in our Liq-Pool on Unicrypt network.
You can choose between 4 of the different locking periods; 5 days, 14 days, 1 year and 2 years. Lock your LP tokens for longer periods to increase share weight & rewards.