What is Cairo Finance?

Cairo Finance is an all-in-one solution with its own deflationary system offering all DEFI products on one platform with various utilities.

Who is behind CAIRO?

The Cairo Project was created by a team of developers and blockchain enthusiasts! Like all other DeFi Projects, we believe our code is who we are! Thus, we will ensure to provide full transparency and let our code speak for itself.

What is the Reason for launching Cairo Finance ?

The launch of Cairo Finance is driven by the commitment to make DeFi accessible to the wider audience and to equitably distribute fees within the community. We believe that access to decentralized financial services should be straightforward and efficient for everyone, and Cairo Finance is dedicated to realizing this vision.

What is the CBANK Token?

CBANK Token is our native governance token. CBANK holders govern our Ecosystem. CBANK Token will reward our Ecosystem participants.

Where does Swap % come from?

The swap percentage is an estimation based on the swap fee that liquidity providers receive every time someone swaps that pair. These rewards go to the LP token itself, causing its value to increase, which in turn causes your share to increase. The displayed percentage rate is obtained.

Why are the transaction fees so high?

The GAS LIMIT is the maximum amount of gas that can be spent on a transaction. In some pools the GAS LIMIT is set higher than others even on claim actions. This is due to the complexity of our contracts and to ensure the transactions do not fail in case of BSC instability or high transactions load.

Take note that the gas spent will be usually half of the gas limit set. You can always check the transaction on bscscan.com to see more details.

How is the profit calculated?

At the moment of withdrawal (exit & claim) the performance fee is exactly calculated and profit is rewarded.

Why am I getting failing transactions?

Unfortunately this seems to be a common issue on the chain lately. Try increasing by 5 GWEI. When this happens, it is probably happening on PancakeSwap (and other projects as well), and it is generally fine if you use 18-20 GWEI

Is Cairo Safe?

Like all DeFi Projects, it is important not to trust but to verify the legitimacy of each project by confirming the data/code. As such we are providing full transparency by releasing all the code/data required to confirm that CAIRO runs smoothly. Check out our github.

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