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Pharaoh Cap Edition 1
The Pharaoh Cap:
The Pharaoh Cap will be a unique high quality limited edition designer Cap with an authentic 1g gold bullion sewn which will use a dynamic pricing model.
How it works:
Pharaoh Cap is a token that entitles you to 1 authentic cap + its related NFT, can be shipped anywhere in the world. Every token sold increases the cost of the next, but they can be sold back into the liquidity pool at any time. If you would like to own a physical cap you must accumulate at least 1 whole token. Afterwards you can redeem your tokens and receive a physical Pharaoh Cap and its related NFT, which serves a certificate of ownership. Redeemed tokens will be burned and reduces the total supply. Additionally the Cairo Finance DAO will burn 10,000 CAF tokens for each redeemed Pharaoh Cap token! So lets buy and redeem the token in order to help to reduce the overall supply of CAF!
This Project will show the power of dynamic pricing, the case that NFTs could be used as a digital, immutable proof of ownership. Due to its very low supply and burning function it can also be used as a store of value.
Tokens are listed starting at $249 USD. Each buy/sell will move the price of the Pharaoh Cap (dynamic pricing). The increase or decrease follows a bonding curve. Due to its dynamic priced characteristic you will most likely get better prices the earlier you get in.
Token Name: Pharaoh Cap
Token Symbol:
Contract Adress:
Chain: Binance Smart Chain
Max Supply: 300 token
Buy/Sell: 0%
NFT minting address:
Token Allocation:
70% Liquidity
10% Team
10% Developing/Marketing
10% Community Airdrop
You will be able to buy the Pharaoh token on Pancakeswap and on the CAIRO SWAP.