Basic Information

· Token Name: CAIRO FINANCE · Token Symbol: $CAF · Contract Address: 0x5662ac531A2737C3dB8901E982B43327a2fDe2ae · Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) · Max Supply: 77,000,000 all token are pre minted

Token Allocation

• DEX: 200,000 CAF - Vested • DEX reserve: 1,600,000 CAF - Vested • Staking: 52,000,000 CAF - Vested • CAF-BNB Pool : 5,000,000 CAF - Vested • Marketing, Development, Liquidity Reserve: 10,000,000 CAF - Vested • CEX Listings, Farm, Reserve: 7,000,000 CAF - Vested • CAIRO V1 Token Holder: 1,200,000 CAF - Vested

Special features of CAIRO:

◾️ No mint function ◾️ No owner/admin function ◾️ No unsafe code in the token contract itself ◾️ Fully decentralized
In addition to our staking structure, we have a burning program, that burns some amount of the total supply every month - Therefore reducing the max supply of CAIRO each month to constantly deflate, while your balance increases in comparison to the max CAIRO supply.
Given both the necessity to generate meaningful rewards and also improve the current token dynamic, we implemented a mechanism for a floating rate emission (FRE). The initial FRE is our so-called Performance fee.
To ensure sustainability in the process, our system uses the performance fee to buy CAF at the market price.
A part of the Fee generated in the process goes to the CAF LP POOL, to ensure liquidity on the exchanges.

The CAIRO project profits from the increase in demand and tokens bought since transactions and staking fees will give more stability throughout the network.
CAF Supply Breakdown:
Presale: 300,000 CAF: Immediately available
CAF Pool: 2,000,000 CAF: 5 years duration time
CAF-WBNB Pool: 5,000,000 CAF: 2 years duration time
PHARAO Pool: 19,800,000 + 19,800,000 CAF: 1.5 years duration time
CAF-Airdrop: 1,200,000 CAF: 1.5 years vesting period
Maximum circulating supply after 18 months (starting from 22nd of September 2022):
Supply shock calculation: ➔ The CAIRO Treasury will use its funds to buy back 40,650,000 Tokens for 500,000 USD.
➔ Huge amount of token will be bought back & burned thanks to its buyback mechanism.
➔ Zero sell pressure – Price recovery starts back to 1 USD.
➔ The scenario above will highly likely never happen (buyback would start earlier) – just shows the power of a supply shock.
The Team has made some serious thoughts about the tokenomics and buyback mechanisms. There will be a very powerful plan to buy back all the cheap CAF and burn them to squeeze the circulating supply.
CAIRO Treasury:
The CAIRO Treasury Funds and executed transactions will be transparently visible to anyone.
Having a strong treasury will become a game changer in the DeFi space and will give us a massive head start when the next bull market begins. It can be seen as the intrinsic value of the CAIRO DAO. Generated fees are invested in Blue Chip cryptocurrencies and a small portion will be invested into high potential high-risk low-cap gems. These funds will be used later to stabilize the Cairo Finance tokens price (adding liquidity) and reduce the supply through token burning. 100% of the treasury will be used for these purposes.